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The Scheme has been designed to be supportive to the industry, providing clarity on best practice, better access to guidance and a certification scheme which delivers benefits to those operators who are successful. The AD sector is very diverse in terms of the size of businesses involved in developing and running plants, and this project aims to accommodate the whole spectrum – from farmers with small-scale plants through to food waste operators with multiple plants. It is hoped that all operators can benefit from participating in the Scheme, in a number of different ways.

You should participate in the scheme if you want to benefit from:

    • An independent check of internal management systems by specialist auditors;
    • Recommendations for improvements, provided in a structured report;
    • Identification of opportunities to enhance health and safety procedures and reduce risks to site workers;
    • The ability to demonstrate to third parties a genuine desire to operate responsibly;
    • A mechanism to compare your plant against industry-defined criteria; and
  • The opportunity to check that company procedures are being implemented consistently across multiple plants.

In addition, if your plant is successful, certification provides a range of benefits, including:

    • Use of scheme logo
    • Scheme certificate
    • Access to reduced cost of insurance premiums and highly beneficial insurance policy through Jelf
    • Access to low interest loans when refinancing
    • Full confidence in operational techniques and management systems
  • Bragging rights!
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