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Congratulations to the operators of the following AD plants, which are currently certified under the AD Certification Scheme.

We look forward to welcoming more operators to the scheme, as and when they become successfully certified.

To apply, please click here.

1. Granville Ecopark

Granville Ecopark (Northern Ireland) was the first plant to be certified under the ADCS in January 2018.

2. Malaby Biogas

Malaby Biogas outside Warminster was the first plant in England to be ADCS certified in 2018.

3. Holsworthy Biogas

Holsworthy Biogas Plant became the biggest English food waste plant on the scheme following accreditation in 2020.

4. Bishops Cleeve

At the time Bishops Cleeve made Andigestion the only operator with multiple (Holsworthy) ADCS plants.

5. Horseway Energy

Horseway Energy operated by Allpress Farms was the first on-farm AD plant to be certified in December 2020..

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