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The charges for applying to the scheme and maintaining scheme membership are set out below. They are banded by the size of the AD plant (by annual throughput). The charges go towards the cost of running the scheme (including maintaining scheme documents and undertaking quality assurance processes, stakeholder engagement and promotion), as well as the cost of the audit process itself, which entails a desk-based review, a site visit (up to one day on site) and compilation of the audit report.

Table 1: Application Fees

AD plant annual throughputCharge payable by Scheme Applicant (exc. VAT)
Up to 14,999 tonnes£1,200
From 15,000 to 29,999 tonnes£2,500
From 30,000 to 49,999 tonnes£4,000
From 50,000 tonnes upwards£5,000


1 site: full price

2-4 sites: 10% discount

>5 sites: 15% discount

These discounts reflect a streamlining of the auditing process where multiple sites are owned and managed by the same company. The discounts will only apply if all of the proposed sites are signed up and paid for at the same time.

Table 2: Annual Renewal Fees (for surveillance audits only – i.e. no site visit is required)

AD plant annual throughputCharge payable by Scheme Applicant (exc. VAT)
Up to 14,999 tonnes£600
From 15,000 to 29,999 tonnes£1,250
From 30,000 to 49,999 tonnes£2,000
From 50,000 tonnes upwards£2,500

Please note: it is advised that prospective applicants contact an appointed Certification Body to discuss the charges. 

In the event of an additional site audit requirement a charge payable by the scheme applicant (exc. VAT) will be required.

The Certification Body may offer reduced fees should they be able to offer a combined package of audits with other schemes used by AD operators.

It is also advised that you read the Scheme Rules document which contains further information on the audit process.

These fees may be reviewed periodically, so please check the website for the latest charge or speak with an appointed Certification Body.

There is currently one appointed Certification Body – Aardvark Certification Ltd – visit their website for a list of scheme charges.

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