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To celebrate success

There is much to be proud of in the AD industry and there are many excellent projects in the UK, delivered by expert teams – the Scheme will recognise and celebrate these plants and operators, rewarding them for doing things well.

To drive improvements where needed

In recent years the AD industry has experienced particular scrutiny from the environmental regulators across the UK. Data indicates that the biowaste treatment sector, of which AD is a part, experiences a higher number of pollution incidents than any other regulated sector. There have been several high profile environmental incidents, some involving serious plant failures and resulting in environmental harm. This unfortunately damages the reputation of the entire industry, even though the incidents may be isolated.

Ensuring high standards of health and safety is also vital, making sure site workers are protected and go home safe and well.

The Scheme aims to help operators to understand the regulations that they need to comply with and achieve good practice across the board.

To demonstrate credibility to investors and insurers

The ability to easily understand the level of risk and performance of an AD plant is attractive to insurers and financiers. Insurers and investors are both keen to see improvements in both environmental and health & safety risk management at AD plants and ADBA is delighted to have the support of some of the key companies in the market. The Scheme provides an independent process for operators to demonstrate their credibility when seeking insurance or finance, giving them the best chance of securing the best possible deal.

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