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About the ADCS

The AD Certification Scheme (ADCS) is the only certification scheme in the UK that assesses the all-round safety, environmental and operational performance of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. It is a key element of the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association’s (ADBA) Best Practice Programme, which encompasses all our work on improving standards in the industry. The Scheme provides an independent audit process and report, which is a useful tool for operators to ensure they are meeting required standards and identify how they can improve. Developed by ADBA with extensive engagement with industry stakeholders, it aims to support the industry to be a mature and thriving sector that delivers consistently excellent projects.


If you want to improve your AD plant’s all-round performance and don’t know where to start, the @ADCertScheme can help you identify priority areas - simply use the free guidance, scheme docs and audit process: And then get certified!

Great piece by Chris Osborne @UFUHQ on @EcoPark_Ltd, the #NorthernIreland #anaerobicdigestion plant that became the first UK plant to be certified under the pioneering @ADCertScheme in January - looking forward to plenty more plants being certified soon!

Big thanks to @aariasgarcia @aardvark_cl @CarljGurney @DavidJWoolgar @EnvAgency @ARKAgriculture and Stephen Temple for sharing their knowledge at our AD operator workshop yesterday and @EnvAgency for hosting. You're all stars! ⭐️

A busy month for the @ADCertScheme! Enjoyed @AllEnergy in Glasgow two weeks ago, and had a great joint operator workshop with the @EnvAgency yesterday sharing best practice with 20+ operators in East Anglia, and onto @edielive next week. Spreading the word far and wide!

You can hear more about the @ADCertScheme tomorrow at 4pm at @AllEnergy - @JessicaAllan2 and @CarljGurney will be discussing why it is so important and beneficial for AD operators to sign up. More here:

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