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Jelf are the insurance and risk management partner for the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association. Their expertise and long-standing presence in the anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas industry means they can design and deploy robust and appropriate insurance and risk management solutions.

Jelf have access to a range of specialist and exclusive insurance policies designed specifically for ADCS plants.

The insurers Jelf work with are so confident in the ADCS scheme that they have agreed for certified plants to benefit from:

  • paying 90% of your policy premium – when you take out your policy through Jelf, at inception you’ll only pay 90% of the premium. That could be a big enough saving to invest in employee benefits to help retain your staff, or upgrade your site technology. You will only need to pay the remaining 10% if you make a claim.
  • improved rating, lower premium – various factors are taken into account when underwriters determine the cost of your policy. These factors all come together to give your plant a rating. Being ADCS certified means you have a better rating when compared to uncertified plants. The better your rating, the lower your premium will be.
  • claim preparation fees included– if you make a claim, your insurer will normally appoint a loss adjuster, in the event of a large loss, to assess the claim on their behalf.. Typically, if you want someone to assess the claim on your behalf you have to pay for a loss adjuster and it could involve escalating fees. With claim preparation fees included, one of Jelfs’ loss adjusters will also visit your plant to assess the incident and will represent you in resolving the claim.
  • premium stability and long term cover – each year when you renew your policy, your premium can be impacted as a result of incidents within the AD and biogas industry. By agreeing long-term (3-5 year) cover with underwriters you can protect your insurance costs against these increases.
  • plant-specific additional covers – as no two plants are the same, neither are insurance policies. Jelf can add specific extensions to your policy to make sure your plant is protected, such as environmental and employers’ liability and directors’ and officers’ cover.

How can you access this exclusive renewable energy insurance policy?

What do Jelf’s clients say about them?

“Jelf provided us with a clear comparison of our insurance options. They worked with the insurers to make sure the ADCS certification delivered on the promises for financial savings in premium costs. The transition from introduction to policy implementation was smooth and the benefits of the new ADCS were delivered within a timely period. They worked with the ADCS certification body and insurers enabling a good deal to be arranged.”

Thomas Minter, Director, Malaby Biogas Ltd

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Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Not all products and services offered are regulated by the FCA.  Registered in England and Wales number 0837227. Registered Office: Hillside Court, Bowling Hill, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6JX. FP18.615

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